Below is an alphabetical listing of the physics topics covered by my videos.  Click on the topic to see the list of videos.  If you have any comments or suggestions for future videos please leave them in the comment section below.

What is…? An Explanation

Atomic Structure

Electricity, Static

Electricity, Direct Current, Resistors, Capacitors & Power

Electricity, Direct Current, RC and RL Circuits

Electricity, Alternating Current (AC), Capacitors, Inductors and Power

Electromagnetic Induction


Heat and Temperature


Light and the Electromagnetic Spectrum


Momentum, Impulse and Collisions

Motion Graphs

Newtons 2nd Law

Nuclear Physics & Radioactivity


Torque and Static Equilibrium

Simple Machines, Work, Energy, Power


35 thoughts on “Physics Videos

  1. It would be great to have a video explain it so it could give me ideas for my students. I’m a generalist special education teacher, grades 7 – 12. I provide supports for the physics general education teacher. I’ve been watching videos on Khan Academy and reading online The Physics Classroom. I watch yours too and was looking for inertia.



    1. I see I did make a video a while ago about inertia. Here is the link:

      Also if you search Eureka science videos you should be able to find a whole series of old but very good science videos. I often show them in my lower grade classes. I believe they were put out by Canadian public television in the 70s or something.

      Here is the link to the one on inertia:

      Good luck!


      1. Thanks a lot, Brian, for the videos! I like how you included in your video that inertia is not a force. I could see how it is easy to confuse the concept of inertia with force. The other video was great too. It used the term lazy for inertia and then says, “Then how could an object keep moving if it’s lazy?” That’s because it takes work to keep it from moving. These are very practical and easy to understand analogies.


      2. Can you do videos on Kinematic Graphs? I’m learning that right now in AP MYB IB Physics at Suncoast High School. I just need clarification on interpreting the graph like at which point is the rest point, which point has the velocity 0, etc.

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  2. You’re doing a really good job at this. Your video of the normal force in a ferris wheel really helped me, even in the Australian curriculum. Thank you for your help!


  3. I’ve noticed a lot of your physics videos are classical physics. I was wondering if you would make videos revolving around modern physics (such as the theory of relativity and quantum mechanics). Thanks and I deeply enjoy your other videos.


  4. Hey! I love your videos in fact its the reason I’m still trying to do well in the course despite me struggling in it. I really do appreciate it! I would also like to request videos of projectile motions and motions in two dimensions (different types of problems) because they are tough to get through. Anyways, thanks alot!


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