Making YOU the Scientist

Students should develop a love of science by doing science. That’s why Step by Step Science is excited to launch a new series of videos with live experiments and demonstrations that can be done from home, classrooms, or just about anywhere. These are fun activities that are easy to set up and will cover basic aspects of chemistry and physics. Most require materials that you can find in your home or at your local grocery store.

The Density of Liquids Experiment uses water, salt and food colouring to demonstrate what happens when liquids of different densities interact with each other. Find out why the liquids sometimes combine to form a mixture and other times remain separate in this easy, hands on activity. Kids of all ages love this experiment.

All the experiments in this series will be covered in one of my YouTube videos and paired with written instructions and worksheets that guide students through the scientific procedure. You can get the written materials for the Density of Liquids experiment at no cost by following this link to my Teachers Pay Teachers store. And below you can watch the video with the experiment.

Stay tuned for more hands-on experiments that give students the chance to become scientists.


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