Resources Galore in 2022

2021 was another year of steady growth for Step by Step Science. With more than 500 YouTube videos and 100 resources in our Teachers Pay Teachers store, we have been able to support and enrich teaching and learning for so many of you during the pandemic. Our goal has always been to offer high quality, engaging science content to teachers and students. The biggest reward for us is the positive feedback we receive.

Whenever I feel so frustrated and beat myself down for not understanding something people like you renew and refresh my love for math and physics. Thank you for helping me see the logic in the solution process. Physics is so beautiful 🙂

Step by step channel subscriber

We avoid fancy marketing campaigns and gimmicks, but we also want to cultivate a closer relationship with our followers. That’s why we’ve decided to send out occasional email updates. We’ll be highlighting our different types of resources and offering some free teaching activities. The first issue of our Resource Spotlight is coming soon and you can receive three free physics puzzles if you sign up. We promise not to bombard your inbox and you can unsubscribe at any time.

Click here to sign up for our mailing list. Our first Resource Spotlight will go out in early February and announce a sale on all of our Optics resources. Find out more about the sale when you sign up. Step by Step Science wishes all of our readers and followers a successful year of science education. We’ll also continue to stay in touch through this blog.


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