The Upside of Gravity

What can you always depend on, but will always let you down? Gravity! But in fact, gravity will never let you down as a topic of interest for your physics students. That’s why Step by Step Science has created some great new teaching resources on gravity over the summer.

Gravitation and satellite motion are concepts that affect our lives in ways we rarely think about. Why does the Earth go around the Sun? What is gravity? Where is the International Space Station and how fast is it traveling through space? Here’s an overview of the new gravity lessons in our Teachers Pay Teachers store. These resources include everything you need to give your students a better understanding of the motion of the objects that surround them. These lessons are available individually or at a discount in our Gravitation bundle.

Our PhET online lab resources continue to be the most popular instructional materials we offer. As I wrote in a previous post, students enjoy these activities because they are visual, intuitive and make connections to real world situations. To go along with the summer’s gravitation theme, our latest PhET simulation resource is on Newton’s Law of Universal Gravitation. We’ll be adding quite a few more of these simulation resources in the coming months.

Our Step by Step Science YouTube channel includes a gravitation playlist that contains educational videos explaining each of the topics in these instructional materials. Each exercise sheet also includes links to the videos that describe how to solve the problems that are included. A great resource for distance learners and students who need additional help.

The summer wasn’t all work and no play. I had the chance to visit our son Avery who recently began a PhD program in aerospace engineering at Cranfield University. Our daughter Olivia came down from Glasgow for a fun weekend of checking out the aviation wonders on the campus, visiting Cambridge, and exploring the English countryside. Here’s the two siblings sitting inside a Rolls Royce RB211 high bypass turbofan, one of the most successful engines of its generation (1969-1997). Avery is working on a new generation of civilian aircraft propulsion with support from Rolls Royce and the European Union.


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