Five Fun and Easy Physics Challenges

One of my favourite things about being a physics teacher is doing demonstrations and experiments with my students. Why start a lesson with a lecture when you can arouse your students’ curiosity by bringing scientific principles to life right before their eyes? I like to start with a provocative question like:

How can you pick up a bottle filled with rice by using just one wooden skewer?

You might get some silly answers, but you’ll also see their brains start to click.

The beginning of the school year is an especially important time to spark your students’ interest in science. You’ll find many great ideas online, but they don’t always explain how to set up the experiment or the science behind it. That’s where our next Making YOU the Scientist video comes in. These physics challenges require few materials, are easy to set up, and will bring out the inner scientist in your kids and students.

Watch the video to see the five activities that introduce concepts such as the force of friction, the center of mass, adhesion and cohesion, and Newton’s laws of motion. I hope you enjoy these demonstrations and if you have any questions about how to do them at home or school, don’t hesitate to get in touch.


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