Step by Step Science Teaching Materials

Finding the right resources to help students learn a topic can be one of the most frustrating and time-consuming parts of a teacher’s job. For every hour of class time, teachers commonly invest many hours to prepare an instructive and engaging session for their students.

I found this material to be extremely helpful and very professional. It’s the complete package, ranging from accurate and brief descriptions and notes to linked videos and a great interactive lab. Thank you!

Teacher, 10th – 12th Grade

Like other teachers, I’ve spent countless hours searching for and creating just the right materials for my science classes. So I was thrilled to discover Teachers Pay Teachers (TpT), a popular marketplace for original educational resources. TpT materials are created by educators, classroom-tested, and available for free or a reasonable price. After finding some great resources to use with my students, I decided to join the platform and offer my own original physics materials.

My TpT resources are designed to accompany the free videos from my Step by Step Science YouTube channel. I combine handouts, worksheets, and presentations in comprehensive sets that reduce preparation time for teachers. You can just download, review and head for the classroom. The combination of teaching materials and videos gives teachers an integrated resource mix that is especially valuable for distance learning. But don’t take my word for it. Try one of my free resources for yourself: Free Sample: Resistors in Series

Many content creators are making educational videos nowadays. Others are making instructional materials. I’m doing both, producing high quality resources that guide students through the world of physics so that they can learn with confidence and be successful in school. Over the next year I’ll be offering more materials on the most important high school physics topics. If you’re a physics teacher, visit the Step by Step Science TpT Store to check out all of my available resources.

Step by Step Science YouTube Channel: How It Began

Every story has a beginning. My YouTube story begins in 2008 when I was teaching science at Bozeman High School in Bozeman, Montana. Too many textbooks had complicated or unclear explanations of the topics I needed to teach. I wanted to break down the concepts into simpler steps, not just for my students but for others who needed help too.

Some of my first video topics were optics, motion graphs, and radioactive decay. These remain some of my most popular videos. Students told me from the start that my explanations helped them to succeed on homework assignments, tests and quizzes. Making science videos became a hobby for me, a hobby driven by positive feedback from students, parents and teachers.

Last year I received my Silver Play Button, YouTube’s reward for reaching 100,00 channel subscribers. These days I’m still passionate about making videos and I’m pairing them with instructional materials that are ready for classroom use. Visit my Step by Step Science YouTube Channel and TeachersPayTeachers Store to access all of my great physics, chemistry and math content.

I started this blog to share my twenty years of experience as a high school science teacher. I’ll be writing about teaching strategies, best practices, classroom activities, and more in the coming months. Please subscribe to my blog and post a comment or get in touch if you have topics you would like me to write about.

Thanks! After hours of reading my textbook until I have a headache and filling a recycling bin with crumpled up papers, I got the concept in 5 minutes thanks to this video! I wish I could like this video once for each incorrect answer in those hours…..

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